Death Valley – A Barren Beauty

Death Valley National Park is one of the most abandoned national park in US mainly because it only has acres of barren land,sand and cactus.It is a land of superlatives.It is hottest,driest and lowest land in the continent – the furthest extent of heat and drought and the outer edge of life.There is only one way you can survive this desert – by having a transport.The empty roads inside the national park tempts you to speed but its a trap especially if you are entering/leaving the park through Shoshone entrance.There is nothing around for miles.No people,no service,no roadside assistance, no water and no gas.In fact this might be the last place you want to run out of gas.Most importantly, do not rely on GPS (no network) in the park, get a paper map from park entrance or visitor center.Though the land is barren and deserted, its rich in minerals and was once popular for mining.Try to avoid the heat as much as possible, keep lots and lots of water with you(water is not available anywhere except visitor center) and do not go out of marked and designated roads.There is only one word that comes in my mind to describe the park – Extreme.We drove from Vegas and decided to visit south east section of the park.This blog is about the points you can visit if you are in the park for 4-5 hours.

Dante’s Peak

One of the most photographic place in the park, one can see the bird’s eye view of the main attraction of the park Badwater Basin and miles of barren land and just one road passing through it.

BadWater Basin from Dante’s Peak
Dante’s Peak

Zabriskie Point

Especially striking during sunset and sunrise, place is a striped contour of sedimentary rocks.

Zabriskie Point


Furnace Creek Visitor Center

Visitor center is the only place in the park where you will get water and AC to cool down.It has really good exhibits and videos on how to survive the ruthless and hot weather in the valley.

Furnace Creek Visitor Center

Artist’s Palette & Artist Drive

Artist drive is a 9 mile one way scenic drive which passes through colored canyons and mountains.After about 5 miles of driving, its amazing to see all colors collect right in one specific canyon which is called Artist’s Palette.

Artist Drive
Artist’s Palette

BadWater Basin

No trip to Death Valley is complete without visiting lowest point in the continent which is 282 feet below sea level.Most popular attraction in the park, its a small walk on the salt flats.Area was named Badwater because a traveler’s mule refused to drink water in the basin because it was too salty. Do not forget to see the sea level sign on 282 feet above you on the adjacent mountain.It gives you perspective how low you are below sea level.


Salt Flats – BadWater Basin


Salt water pool at BadWater Basin


Route Map

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 11.03.39 PM.png

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