2 Days in Brussels

Brussels is comparatively small city, so can be easily explored in a day or two.It is a perfect city for a long weekend.The city is all about beer, waffles and frites.It is old but modern city and multicultural to its roots.Here are best things to do in Brussels in 2 days:-

1) Grand Palace

It is the heart of the city and is known for its decoration and wealth.It is city’s town hall.Its grandeur is breathtaking.It feels like you are surrounded by gold.

2) Manneken Piss, Jeanneke Piss and Zinneke Piss

I have no idea what kind of fetish city has with peeing structures but there are peeing statue of boy, girl and dog which are very popular.

Manneken Piss
Zinneke Piss

3) Delirium

For all beer lovers, Delirium holds the Guinness World Record for the most beers offered.Its like a beer museum.You name it and you get it.The one which I liked the most was Mango beer:-) (never heard of it until I tried it).

4) Murals around the city

One of the most unique way to explore Brussels is by taking Comic Route.The city walls were painted with murals to pay tribute to Belgian comic artist.Look out for comic route on city of Brussels site and explore downtown.Its fun !!!

5) Belgian Waffles,Frites and Chocolates

When you are in Belgium, you should absolutely try waffles, frites and chocolates.The country lives on it.There are shops every where.Frites are served with sauces and the most popular one is Andalouse sauce.


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